Youth Rugby

Our Youth section comprises of the following squads:

  • U13s Boys
  • U13s Girls (Quick Rip)
  • U14s Boys
  • U15s Girls (Quick Rip)
  • U15-U16s Boys
  • U19 Girls
  • U19 Boys

Core themes at this level are FUN, Safety, basic skills, game understanding and emotional development.

Training Times & Location

09:30-11:00* every Saturday (from 09:00am in September) – AND – 17:30-19:00 every Tuesday – at the world renowned Sevens Stadium, Al Ain Road, Dubai

*our U11s/12s are occasionally asked to train later, at 09:30 to accommodate league matches

What we provide and focus on

Progressing from the touch format of the game players are already familiar with what a scrum, line-out, ruck and maul are.  Depending on numbers we will follow the school format where squads are combined to create even aged squad (e.g. U13s and U14s).  This allows us to focus on the:

  • Technical:
    • U12-14: Further development of individual and unit skills
    • U12-14: Introduction to positional play
    • U15-19: Individual skills to achieve team play
    • U15-19: Positional specific skills
    • U15-19: Development of functional roles and problem solving
  • Tactical:
    • U12-14: basic attack and defense principles
    • U12-14: Basic tactical preparation
    • U12-14: positional awareness
    • U15-19: Understanding game plans
    • U15-19: Game appreciation
    • U15-19: Patterns of play and problem solving
    • U15-19: Mini unit strategies and pressures
  • Physical:
    • U15-19: Strength and power
    • U15-19: Speed, Agility and Quickness
    • U15-19: Positional specific endurance
    • U15-19: Co-ordination and manipulations
    • U15-19: Balance: static and dynamic
    • U15-19: Periodised training and recovery
  • Mental:
    • U12-14: Goal-setting
    • U12-14: Patience
    • U12-14: Control
    • U12-14: Concentration
    • U15-19: Pre-match preparation
    • U15-19: Controlled breathing
    • U15-19: Motivation and determination
  • Emotional:
    • U12-14: Personal responsibility
    • U12-14: Interpersonal skills
    • U12-14: Ambition to improve
    • U15-19: Self-identity and self-reliance
    • U15-19: Independent thinking
    • U15-19: Principle centred value
    • U15-19: Coping with failure