Player Welfare

At Dubai Hurricanes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to player welfare in netball and rugby.

Thanks to our sponsors Mediclinic, we have a dedicated, fully equipped Medical Treatment Room used primarily by our club physiotherapy team for senior rugby matches and training sessions, as well as for the treatment of any injuries prior to ambulance transfer if required for both sports, across all ages.

Supporting our Mini, Midi and Youth Netball and Rugby Squads are over 50 volunteer first aid ‘Team Medics’.  These volunteers are equipped and trained to deliver an immediate response level of treatment on the court or field of play, as required by the UAERF Regulations in the case of rugby.

Regular training sessions are undertaken to ensure that all Team Medics are comfortable and prepared to act whenever they are required.  We have set the standard!

The club’s medical administration team liaise very closely with local specialist service providers, ensuring that no player returns to club sport without obtaining full medical clearance to do so.  This is particularly important in the treatment of head related injuries and specifically concussion cases.  We operate a very strict policy of ‘No Medical Clearance – No Play’ in such instances.

Likewise, we are leading the way in developing full collaboration protocols with qualified medical specialists to ensure, between club and school, that any injured midi and youth player doesn’t ‘fall between the gap’ and end up playing with unnecessary risk.  In the sport of rugby, we are also working with the UAERF in leading the way in developing and enforcing such protocols.