Team Medics


The Dubai Hurricanes takes player welfare and safety as a priority over winning matches.  All our team medics undergo first responder training courtesy of our sponsor Mediclinic and are led by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Alan Kourie.  This enables them to deliver a compliant and immediate first aid to injured players covering, joints, muscles and most importantly concussion.  Each medic is equipped with a comprehensive medical kit bag to support the squad and trained in the use of back-boards.  We also provide a Club Medic Handbook which can be reviewed and downloaded here.


As a Team Medic our training provides the basic skills required to manage an injury on the rugby pitch or netball court as well as in normal daily life.  Each of our squads have been provided with excellent First Aid Kits courtesy of our sponsors at Mediclinic and our Club Medics have access to the Club Medical Room when required.  All Team Medics belong to a Whats App Group that is used for routine communications where required.

AED’s are located outside of the Hurricanes Main Office in the corridor on the wall and there is another one located in a Trauma Bag in the medical room that is placed pitch-side for Mens League matches.

The Team First Aiders’ Handbook is intended to provide you with information that is specific to the club and our home ground at The Sevens.  You will also find essential contact details for club officials and details of local protocols that we have put in place in the interest of the health, safety and well being of our players and spectators.

The most important thing to remember is that our Club Medics are never alone when looking after their squad; not only do they have the coaching staff and other parents around to assist, but the Referee is always on their side, in most cases the opposing Teams Medics will assist if required as well.  Please also be mindful that as qualified First Aiders in the UAE, Club Medics should practice only what they have been trained to do.

As a registered volunteer our Club Medics are covered by the Clubs Indemnity & Liability Insurance for any First Aid administered at the Sevens Ground and for our players when they are playing away.

Player insurance Claims

An important feature of playing rugby is ensuring proper player insurance is provided for playing contact (U9+).  Every player who has registered with the club and is playing U9 Rugby+ is insured through a Player Accident Insurance policy provided by ADNIC and administered by LifeCare International. Please read the Information to accompany your Club PA policy to ensure any medical claims go smoothly.

If in doubt call for help, maintain the injured player in a safe condition and  await further assistance.