Injuries are a part of any contact sport. Serious or life-threatening injury in Rugby is, however, rare. The outcome of many injuries can often be improved by very simple first aid skills from bystanders until emergency help arrives.

Our concussion handbook intended to provide First Aiders, Team Managers and  Lead Coaches with details of the DHRFC  procedures relating to the identification of and ongoing management thereafter for Concussion it can also serve as a very informative guide for players and parents alike.

As soon as a Team Medic reports a player as having a suspected concussion we monitor the assessment and treatment process, we operate a rigid policy of ‘No Clearance – No Play’ when it comes to suspected concussions and we will only accept clearance from the dedicated Sports Concussion experts.  The link to the Suspected Concussion Reporting Form is:

It is important to remember that Concussion cannot be diagnosed by CT Scan, MRI or X Ray and as such normal Emergency Rooms can not diagnose concussion.  In Dubai we are fortunate enough to have two dedicated Concussion Management Teams available to us currently : Up and Running and Valiant clinics, who we work very closely with through the treatment of any concussion related injuries to ensure players are fit to return to play as soon as it is safe to do so.  Through these healthcare providers we also liaise closely with school nurses who also have an active part to play in recovery.

If you have any further questions relating to concussion, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Club Medical Team.