Register your 2019-20 membership now!

We have launched our early bird registration from 1 July to 13 September.  To celebrate our 20th season as a Club we will be providing 20% discount on the seasons fees.  This remarkable deal equates for your:

  • Rugby being between AED62 and AED87 per hour for the season.  Click here to register now.
  • Netball being AED63 and AED68 per hour for the season.  Click here to register now

The early bird fees will be:

Early Bird (incl VAT)
Early Bird (excl VAT)
U04 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U05 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U06 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U07 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U08 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U09 Rugby AED2,047.25 AED1,950.00
U10 Rugby AED2,047.25 AED1,950.00
U11 Rugby AED2,047.25 AED1,950.00
U12 Rugby AED2,047.25 AED1,950.00
U12 Girls Rugby AED2,047.25 AED1,950.00
U13 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U14 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U15 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U15 Girls Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U16 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U16 to U19 Girls Rugby AED1,963.50 AED1,870.00
U17 to U19 Rugby AED1,963.50 AED1,870.00
Touch Rugby AED603.75 AED575.00
Senior Ladies AED1,966.25 AED1,870.00
Senior Men AED1,966.25 AED1,870.00
Daddy Canes AED1,050.00 AED1,000.00
Veterans AED1,050.00 AED1,000.00
Overseas Players AED630.00 AED600.00
U5 to U8 Netball AED1,522.50 AED1,450.00
U9 to U12 Netball AED1,627.50 AED1,550.00
U13 to U19 Netball AED1,785.00 AED1,700.00