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15% Discount on Early Bird

We are delighted to provide a 15% early-bird discount¬†until the 18 September 2020 on the 2020-21 season’s fees, giving you some great savings…see below.

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Early bird FEE 
(incl VAT)
Early bird FEE 
(excl VAT)
MINI RUGBY (Save AED320 on normal fee)
U04 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U05 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U06 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U07 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
U08 Rugby AED1,596.00 AED1,520.00
MIDI RUGBY (Save AED250 on Normal fee)
U09 Rugby AED2,047.50 AED1,950.00
U10 Rugby AED2,047.50 AED1,950.00
U11 Rugby AED2,047.50 AED1,950.00
U12 Rugby AED2,047.50 AED1,950.00
U12 Girls Rugby AED2,047.50 AED1,950.00
YOUTH RUGBY (save aed195.00)
U13 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U14 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U15 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U15 Girls Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U16 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U16 to U19 Girls Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
U17 to U19 Rugby AED2,152.50 AED2,050.00
Touch Rugby (Save AED125.00 on Normal Fees) AED603.00 AED575.00
Senior Ladies (Save AED400 on Normal Fees) AED1,963.00 AED1,870.00
Senior Men (Save AED400 on Normal Fees) AED1,963.00 AED1,870.00
Daddy Canes (Save AED200 on Normal Fees) AED1,050.00 AED1,000.00
Veterans (Save AED200 on Normal Fees) AED1,050.00 AED1,000.00
Overseas Players (Save AED120 on Normal Fees) AED630.00 AED600.00
U5 to U8 Netball (Save AED290 on Normal Fees) AED1,522.50 AED1,450.00
U9 to U12 Netball (Save AED300 on Normal Fees) AED1,627.50 AED1,550.00
U13 to U19 Netball (Save AED442 on Normal Fees) AED1,785.00 AED1,700.00